Our rehoming service is available to everyone, whether or not they are members of the Association. As well as rehoming Burmese, we rehome any cat that lives with a Burmese and will find a new home where they can continue to live together.

If a cat needs to be moved urgently, we may be able to arrange temporary care.  In an emergency, we can also deal with numbers of cats from the same household.

Rubens successfully rehomed!Before rehoming a cat we undertake to deal with any veterinary problems that exist and arrange for neutering if the cat is entire.

Great care is taken to match cats with their new owners, so that the change is not too stressful an experience for either of them!

We ask for a donation from the old and new owners of a cat being rehomed in order to help finance our work.  However, our priority is the welfare of the cat and we do not specify an amount.