When choosing a stud for your queen, you will certainly be interested in colour and location. So take a look at Our Stud Cat List and Kitten Colours.

It’s important to ensure that, as far as possible, the stud is: -

  • of good temperament.
  • a good example of his breed, conforming well to the Standard of Points, with no physical abnormalities
  • correctly bred, according to the GCCF Registration Policy for Burmese Cats
  • holding a GCCF Certificate of Entirety
  • registered on the GCCF Active Register as kittens sired by cats on the Non-Active Register cannot be registered.
  • a healthy specimen who is accommodated in clean, safe and comfortable surroundings.
  • free from hereditary defects as, for example, if a cat has sired monorchid kittens, there is a risk that this defect will be passed on.

The breeder of your cat or other breeders in your area should be able to assist in choosing a suitable stud or you can Contact Us.