Our Rehoming List

If you would like to consider giving a good home to a Burmese, please contact the Association's Welfare Officer or Lost and Found Officer.

Alternatively, please Support Our Work by making a donation to the Burmese Cat Association Welfare Fund, a Charitable Trust approved by HM Customs and Revenue under reference XT35884.



3 year old Brown Tortie Female Neuter Mya - Now RehomedMya


This lovely young lady needs a country home where she can go out safely.

Mya has a sweet temperament and wants a lap to sit on so would suit someone who is home most of the time and she needs to be an only cat as she is not getting on with the other cats in the household.


Godfrey   Website6 years old Blue Male Neuter Godfrey - Now Rehomed


Godfrey needs a new home as he is unhappy in his present one.  He needs to go out and his new owner needs to be at home most of the time.  He has no vices and is a normal, lovable Burmese cat.







4 years old Red Male Neuter Tom - Now Rehomed


Tom was a very unhappy boy trying to live with too many other cats but is now in a temporary home and very much happier.  The lady who is looking after him says that he’s a big cuddly lad who just needs lots of love.

He is an indoor cat and ideally needs to have someone at home most of the time, perhaps someone who has retired or works from home.   He also needs to be an only cat with no other animals.



8 years old Chocolate Female Neuters Daisy and Charlie - Now Rehomed


IMG 0704

Daisy and Charlie are indoor cats, used to being together and having people at home and the owners would like that to continue. Very healthy, extremely affectionate, lovely, vocal cats with up to date vaccinations.