Elisabeth Amies



I am deeply sorry to have to tell you that Elisabeth Amies, our Vice President, died very suddenly on 22 March.

When I wrote to the Committee to tell them of Elisabeth’s passing, the messages that came back were all that we have lost a true lady, who made people feel at ease with her genuine warmth and kindness.

I first met Elisabeth over forty years ago when I was starting to learn about welfare work at the Burmese Cat Club. Not long afterwards she moved to America with her husband Michael for his work but we kept in touch. Then, when they returned in 1998 our friendship really blossomed. To me she was a mum, a sister and a very close friend all rolled into one.

Elisabeth was committed to the Burmese Breed in its true form. She was a founder member of the Association and her strength, enthusiasm and many talents were vital in the early days when she was Membership Secretary, personally welcoming each new member, and doing so much to help establish our Website. She served on the Committee for 10 years and was particularly active at our shows, greeting everyone with a big smile and always ready for a chat from her base at the raffle table. She made notelets to raise money for our welfare work but it was her homemade fudge that was always the first to go!

Elisabeth and Michael have a son, Toby, who they are very proud of and is a film Director. They also had an adopted daughter, Catherine, who died in 2010 when complications with her diabetes developed and a suitable organ donor could not be found. Despite their grief, they responded by working tirelessly for many years to raise awareness of the need for many more donors, particularly by educating the young. Catherine, in spite of her poor health, became a donor – as did Elisabeth – and they will both be commemorated for their gifts on the Organ Donation Memorial at Worcester Royal Hospital.

When Judy Potter, our then President, died Elizabeth and Michael rehomed one of her cats, Harry Potter, and, of course, he worked his way into their hearts and their bed. Elisabeth desperately wanted to put him on exhibition at our show last year as a tribute to Judy and her excellent breeding. Everything had been prepared including drapes for the pen but, unfortunately, Harry died the night before. Elisabeth was broken hearted but somehow managed to run the raffle as usual from a table right next to the empty pen. I have no idea how she did it – but that was Elisabeth. Toby continues in the family tradition by living with a fine Chocolate Burmese, given name Lorenzo but family name Whistle from his very distinctive purr.

I will miss Elisabeth very, very much and it will be a long time before I can think about her without a tear in my eye.


Maureen Smith