Our Rehoming List

If you would like to consider giving a good home to a Burmese, please contact the Association's Welfare Officer or Lost and Found Officer.

Alternatively, please Support Our Work by making a donation to the Burmese Cat Association Welfare Fund, a Charitable Trust approved by HM Customs and Revenue under reference XT35884.

Chocolate MN and Brown MN 7years old ToTo and Kumi. Vaccinations up to date. Micro chipped. 


They need a country home where there are no busy roads.

Owners have moved from very rural to a busier area and they are very unhappy.

They are being bullied by other cats in area

Please ring Helen Hewitt on 01483 474225 for more information



12 year old Lilac Female Neuter - Lilly

She has only one eye and has steroids for a condition on legs.

She is an indoor cat and is only used to one lady owner. She is in good health.

Her owner has been advised to re-home her because she is in poor health and must not be tripped up by Lilly.

Please ring Helen Hewitt on 01483 474225 for more information



Or perhaps something completely different? We don't have any Burmese looking for homes at present, but we do have an adult Sokoke. One of our members also breeds Sokokes and they are a very rare and new breed to GCCF. This cat has earned her 'stripes' by winning Merit awards at the shows, to help the breed reach Championship status - and is now looking for her forever home. She gets on very well with Burmese is very friendly and fun.


     Rainbowsend Chopin

Balmain (FN)

Contact Helen Hewitt on 01483 474225 for more information.