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It is with great sadness that we report the death of the Association’s long-term President, Judy Potter.




If you have your own memories of Judy - be they funny or just happy memories - please send them to our Webmaster  so that we can share them . Judy's family would very much like to see them too.


Here is a tribute from our Chairman, Maureen Smith.


Judy Potter died on 20 November 2018 and was our club's President from the very beginning, in 2011.   I can’t remember the year I first met Judy but I do remember that I knew straight away that we were kindred spirits.  I think it might have been when Jerry, her husband, was Treasurer of the Burmese Cat Club and Judy was a Safe House Keeper and, as many of you will remember, a very fine Judge and Breeder.


She loved the Burmese breed with a passion and her Nearmoss prefix was carried by many beautiful cats.  We spent long hours discussing the way the breed was changing and how we could safeguard the original standard.


She worked as a nursing sister and, when she retired, became a Samaritan: her love for people shone through whenever you talked to her.  In retirement, she also spent a lot of time in her lovely garden, overlooked by the moors in Cumbria. 


The thanksgiving service for Judy was held in the beautiful, old church of St Andrews in Sedburgh, her parish church. There were lots of people there and it was a warm, family service with Antonia and Adam giving their memories of their Mum, along with readings from some of her friends. We then retired to a nearby pub where everyone was very welcoming.  Her brother Tim and his wife were there, of course.  He also showed Burmese and reminded me that I had never given any of his cats a certificate, which made us all laugh.


When Judy and I said goodbye on the phone it was always with “I love you”.  So Judy, once more, “I love you”.


Maureen Smith

IMG 1529 Show 2018On an April day when we still thought the long winter would never end there were signs of Spring to welcome our third championship show in Royal Wootton Bassett. The sun cheered us all up and set the mood for a happy and friendly day. It was a good choice of venue too, in the middle of an attractive market town, accessible from all directions and near a motorway. A cat show needs space and there was plenty – from a large car park to a well-lit hall, a convenient kitchen, (the bacon rolls were well up to standard), a spacious dining room to keep judges and stewards happy and a large and comfortable socialising area with, for once, more than enough chairs and tables to go around. 


The cats, as usual of course, were equally well catered for and everyone settled in quickly and quietly and, perhaps a bit surprisingly, patiently. Much of this calm atmosphere and lack of haste and bother might be due to our having a relatively small show when there appears to be time for everything and space in which to do it.  It pleases everyone to be able to talk to judges when they have finished their judging, because there is a lack of pressure and even the final judging for Best in Show seems less crowded and hassle free and no one has to peer over heads to catch a glimpse of a pen. This year it was a special pleasure to welcome back our Chairman, Maureen Smith, to her customary and well-respected role of judge.  Despite saying she was nervous we could all see she had not lost any of her skills and was as confident as ever.


IMG 4556 Show 2018For those of you who have not seen the results, Maureen’s choice for Best in Show was Chocolate Burmese kitten Fandango Will-O-the-Wisp Owned by H.J Marriott Power and Miss V. Marriott and bred by Miss C.A. Lewis. Best in Show Adult was Gr Ch Rossikhan Blanque Czech owned and bred by Mrs J.L. Wilshaw. Best in Show Neuter was Ch & Pr Rossikhan Velvet Edition owned by Mrs S. P. Dry and bred by Mrs J.L. Wilshaw and Best Overall Pedigree/Household Pet was Ria owned by Viv Crouch.


 Much of the credit for the easy-going and quietly efficient atmosphere of the day was due to the Show Manager, Lynda Ashmore.  She seemed constantly on the move yet was invariably close by when needed. She is a remarkable show manager and much of the success of our three shows is due to her energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. Best of all, she finds time and patience for everyone.


This year we invited two local charities, Cats Protection and New Start Cat Rescue to liven up the show with their stalls and they did good business with their many and varied cat items. The volunteers were so friendly and became part of our cat company very quickly. I hope they enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having them. We will definitely invite them again.


As always, it was an excellent show and well worth the work so many put in. There is a special feel about having a single breed show and one that is small enough to retain a personal and friendly informality. We would like more exhibitors of course, ideally enough to make us profitable and next time we will make sure you will have more time for entries. Let us know what else we can do but without losing our unique Burmese character.



Reflections on a Memorable Day

What a day, what a show and what a success! Our first championship show at Ardley with Fewcott near Bicester was everything a cat show should be - beautiful Burmese, select and appealing household pets, excellent organisation and management, and an accessible venue with warmth, food and friendship in abundance. Lynda Ashmore did a superb job as show manager attending to every detail even down to the drapes for the Best in Show pens, which she customised by painting our logo on them. She found time to speak to everyone and was rarely without a smile. Sally Rainbow-Ockwell oversaw the running of the day so confidently and cheerfully and without losing a single results slip or misplacing a rosette. Best of all though was that all too rare atmosphere created by people who share a common interest and gather together to greet old friends and welcome new ones. What made the show so special? Having our own breed show without external distractions, favourable weather, bacon rolls, some well-known names joining the club as well as showing, the blue kitten providing continuous background music, the judges who didn’t rush away but stayed to talk, the queue to buy raffle tickets and our Chairman, Maureen Smith, who generated such enthusiasm and inspired us all to make it the success it was. And, of course, everyone of the 67 cats


Elisabeth Amies


And the overall winner was ...

Molynmeux Gold Dust

Molynmeux Gold Dust pictured being held by Judge Mrs A M Heath with his owner Mrs S P Robinson holding the trophy.










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Simon Twigge apologises most sincerely for missing the Lilac kitten class from his notes.

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Alison Southcombe has been elected as Vice Chairman of the Association for the next year alongside her outstanding work as Secretary.

The position of Vice Chairman is an annual appointment made by the Committee from among its members.

Congratulations to Alison and thanks to Stevie Hillman who has been Vice Chairman for the last year.