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Maureen Smith

Maureen SmithI have had a love affair with this beautiful breed since first seeing a photograph of a Brown Burmese in 1972. Within months I had my first Burmese – Monty. My second cat Lilie got a VHC at her one and only show but bred some beautiful kittens. Margaret Somers, a very dear friend and Chairman of the BCC came over to see my first litter of 9 and said that Lilie, who had a receding chin and was heavily barred, had "a lovely coat”. When I started judging myself in the 1980’s I always tried to follow her example and find something nice to say about every cat.

I became very involved with the welfare of the cats and was Principal Trustee for the BCC when it became a charity. Before that I was a Regional Adviser and Welfare Officer and could write a book about some of the cases I have dealt with over the past 25 years.

I hope that in our new Association we can recapture the values the BCC had at that time, that the cats are the heart of the club and that our members come first. If we can do that I know we will have done a good job.

My other interests are scuba diving, Eventing and I love the opera.


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