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Stevie Hillman

Stevie HillmanMy first Burmese (brown) was purchased from the late Vera Cottrell, Latham Burmese, in Ormskirk in 1974 and I’ve been enthralled by Burmese ever since.

I then joined the BCC in 1976 and showed a Manthiery for three years, before purchasing my foundation queen, with a little help from Margaret Somers and Elisabeth Amies.

In the past, I’ve worked on show tables and was Deputy-Chairman of the Mid Somerset Cat Club, which was later reformed as the Somerset Cat Club. I’m a member of nine cat clubs, bred my first litter in 1985 and have shown ever since. I’ve kept a stud for twenty one years and have always been available to kitten owners and others with help and advice, having a special interest in alternative medicine.

In another life I was a retail and promotions sales manager.


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