Committee Profiles

Judy Potter

Judy PotterWe bought our first Burmese in 1972, actually a Bombay sired by Ch Tapawingo Tahltan. Thus we came to the BCC and Margaret Somers, who became a wonderful adviser and friend. We registered our prefix, Nearmoss, in 1973.

Few of our cats were ever shown or bred from since we preferred them to go as pets to permanent homes. Amongst those that were shown were Gr. Pr. Nearmoss Cimmaron, the first UK chocolate Burmese to attain Grand. He was also Cat World’s Best Foreign Shorthair in 1988-89. Others were Gr. Ch. Nearmoss Greenjade, Gr. Ch. Nearmoss Green Lotus, Gr. Ch. Nearmoss Greenmantle and Gr. Pr. Nearmoss Golightly who was Best Neuter at the Supreme.

I became a full Judge in 1982.

My interests are gardening, antiques, crosswords and my enduring passion, cat rescue.

I was a founder member of Animal Rescue Cumbria in 1973, which is now the Wainwright Centre in Kendal. My first rescue was a black and white kitten when I was 14. She lived to be 23 and only visited a vet twice in her life, first to be spayed and finally to be gently eased out of her life.

These days I foster for Cats Protection. It’s hard work, which pretty well keeps me grounded but the satisfaction rating is very high. To see the battered and neglected safely homed to caring people is priced above rubies.