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Alison Southcombe

Alison SouthcombeHello I’m Alison Southcombe and I live in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

I’ve always loved cats. The first cat in my life wandered into Mum and Dad’s garden when I was 7.  He was a shrewd tabby, who moved out of the garden and into the house taking us all under his paw. So that was it - the path of my life was laid out - cat slavery!

My first foray into the world of pedigree cats was with a pair of Abyssinian neuters - one of which was of show quality.  To my delight he won at his first show, but was so unhappy being in a pen that life on the bench was not for him.

The chance to get to know Asians and Burmese came through a chat with Yvonne Bruckel, I counted myself lucky to rehome a Braeside and a Boronga - both red Asian girls who were wonderful companions. 

I now have a Toscana blue Burmese and am constantly amazed at how clever and naughty she can be!


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